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    Authorized iMIS Solution Provider (AiSP) Directory

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    Company Contact

    (C) Systems Global

    Headquarters: Edison, NJ
    Phone: (732) 548-6100
    Web: www.csystemsllc.net

    Accounting & Association Software Group

    Headquarters: Weimar, CA
    Phone: (530) 637-0014
    Web: www.aasg.net

    Alliance Technologies

    Headquarters: Des Moines, IA
    Phone: (515) 245-7661
    Web: www.alliancetechnologies.net

    Armstrong Enterprise Communications, Inc.

    Headquarters: Fairfax, VA
    Phone: (703) 691-4301
    Web: www.arment.com

    Ascension Technology Solutions

    Headquarters: Aledo, TX
    Phone: (866) 669-5105
    Web: www.ascension-llc.com

    Association Dynamics, Inc.

    Headquarters: Leesburg, VA
    Phone: (703) 535-3002
    Web: www.associationdynamics.com

    Association Technologies, Inc.

    Headquarters: Geneva, IL
    Phone: (630) 293-4900
    Web: www.assctech.com

    Association Technology Solutions, LLC

    Headquarters: Denver, CO
    Phone: (720) 945-7252
    Web: www.atsol.org

    Avant-Garde Consulting Services, Inc.

    Headquarters: Baton Rouge, LA
    Phone: (225) 272-5432
    Web: www.a-gcs.com

    BroadPoint Technologies, Inc.

    Headquarters: Bethesda, MD
    Phone: (301) 634-2400
    Web: www.broadpoint.net

    Business Systems Consultants, Inc.

    Headquarters: Chicago, IL
    Phone: (312) 553-1253
    Web: www.bscichicago.com

    Computer System Innovations, Inc.

    Headquarters: Wheaton, IL
    Phone: (630) 681-1100
    Web: www.csiinc.com

    Creative Computer Services, Inc.

    Headquarters: Gold River, CA
    Phone: (916) 368-3680
    Web: www.ccservices.com

    enSYNC Corporation

    Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX
    Phone: (817) 335-7962
    Web: www.ensync-corp.com

    Fusion Productions

    Headquarters: Webster, NY
    Phone: (585) 872-1900
    Web: www.fusionproductions.com

    Get Efficient

    Headquarters: Cape Coral, FL
    Phone: (202) 350-3980
    Web: www.getefficient.com

    Hooton Consulting

    Headquarters: Mc Lean, VA
    Phone: (703) 533-3488
    Web: www.hootonconsulting.com

    InterDyn BMI

    Headquarters: Roseville, MN
    Phone: (651) 639-0575
    Web: www.interdynbmi.com

    Intuitive Business Concepts

    Headquarters: Columbia, MD
    Phone: (410) 884-3700
    Web: www.ibconcepts.com

    ISG Solutions

    Headquarters: Rockville, MD
    Phone: (301) 519-3776
    Web: www.isgsolutions.com

    Lane Services, LLC

    Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
    Phone: (215) 856-0908
    Web: www.lane-services.com

    McGladrey LLP

    Headquarters: Chicago, IL
    Phone: (312) 634-3815
    Web: www.mcgladrey.com

    Morgan Data Solutions, LLC

    Headquarters: Madison, WI
    Phone: (608) 204-9820
    Web: www.morgandata.com

    Technology Services Company

    Headquarters: Seattle, WA
    Phone: (206) 722-7535
    Web: www.tscinc.com
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