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    Business Intelligence


    Reports on virtually any information stored in your iMIS membership database are right at your fingertips with this user-friendly plug-in.


    Billhighway Enterprise System

     iXtend Featured
    With Billhighway's Enterprise System, iMIS customers with multiple entities will now be able to manage their finances online in real time.


    GeoCoding Module

    The ATS Geocoding module allows organizations to add functionality to their iMIS external websites to search for members based upon address information and provide a visual representation of location results using Google Maps.



    Personalized dashboard views provide staff enhanced, real-time view of iMIS data.


    iFindWealth Module

    The ATS iFindWealth system consists of two products that can be installed individually. These products allow members to find and qualify donors in their database based on demographics about the individuals. This product adds value to iMIS as it allows clients to better segment their database and target their marketing based on information collected by the organization and more importantly outside sources.


    Job Bank Module

    Are you looking for a simple job bank service that integrates with iMIS? The ATS Job Bank system is a Web-based application that will provide job posting services to your members.


    Membership Statistics

    A general-purpose, highly configurable mechanism for capturing membership counts at regular intervals.



     iXtend Featured
    Express Checkout: Add an additional payment option to your checkout page and open the door to 110 million active PayPal accounts*.
    Payflow Pro: Create a fully customizable checkout experience for your customers. Accept credit cards on your site.


    Point, Click, Query (PCQ)

    PCQ enables non-technical end-users to make complex selections from iMIS by providing a powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use interface for selecting data on an adhoc basis from iMIS.


    Quality Control Module

    The quality control module is a program which allows a user to create queries that will run on a scheduled basis and send an email to the last person that edited the record for each record that matches the search criteria.


    Social Security Encryption Module

    The Social Security Number (SSN) Encryption module allows you to maintain SSN in a secure manner only allowing those with the proper security clearance to be able to access the full SSN.


    Web Services Suite

    With ATS Web Services you can integrate iMIS with any .NET, ASP, ColdFusion, or PHP website. Using the ATS Web Services allows you to use the iMIS Business Objects to read and write information to your iMIS database while leveraging all of the functionality and design benefits of Microsoft® .NET programming language or any other applications that can call a Web Service.


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