iMIS Learning Subscription

iMIS Learning Subscription

Get your team the iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS) knowledge they need to succeed with the iMIS Learning Subscription. Our yearly subscription gives your team access to our full library of online course content for one annual fee. This makes it easy for you to budget for training, allows your team to take as many courses as you want at any time, and ensures training is always available for new staff, new modules or ongoing skills development.

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Yearly subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to the ASI Learning Hub LMS portal, powered by iMIS EMS Product Partner TopClass LMS by WBT Systems
  • 24/7/365 access to self-paced, online iMIS EMS training class recordings and materials, organized by iMIS version and Learning Pathways
  • Coaching courses - iMIS Coaching courses are designed for you to be able to ask specific questions relevant to your learning needs.

About ASI's online training courses:

  • Offers a wide range of class topics appropriate for iMIS EMS users from beginner to expert-level knowledge, organized by iMIS version and Learning Pathways
  • Course topics are continually refreshed and always use the latest iMIS version
  • The online courses vary from short 10-minute learning bursts, to 1 hour sessions. They include short quizzes to consolidate learning as well as details for additional resources and are delivered using the latest training technology through the Learning Hub LMS portal
  • Get Certified with the ASI Certification programs all managed through the ASI Learning Hub.


Florida League of Cities

After a staff member completes an at-your-desk training session, we coach them how to use newly acquired skills in their everyday lives.


Houston Apartment Association

iMIS Learning Subscription has been incredibly helpful in educating our staff to the new staff site.


ACHPER Leverages iMIS Training

How ACHPER Leverages iMIS Training

iMIS training has been a very rich learning experience for ACHPER. Our staff attends the online coaching sessions to ask specific questions and learn how to use iMIS to enhance their job performance. Trainers are very knowledgeable and ensure participants get equal time in the sessions. But we also gain knowledge from fellow participants who share their iMIS experiences. And sessions are recorded so we don’t even have to take notes.

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Succeed with the iMIS Learning Subscription

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