iMIS Skills Education Plan

New people on staff? Upgrade scheduled? Board needs annual report from iMIS?
With over 40+ classes available, there are a lot of options for your team to get training in IMIS, but the question is always what training is really important for them?

The new iMIS Skills Education Plan from ASI Training will help you get a handle on your team’s iMIS training needs based on where they are today and what they need to develop over time in order to help your organization achieve continual performance improvement.

The iMIS Skills Education Plan will start with an assessment of your current team and the training they have received, then create a education plan with your organization’s business goals in mind.

IMIS Skills Assessment

iMIS Skills Education Plan:

  • Once you enroll, you will be assigned one of our Training Facilitators, who will work with you to create a roadmap for your training needs.
  • Your Training Facilitator will provide a report of your team’s previous training activities with ASI and schedule the initial Skills Assessment session.
  • During the Skills Assessment session, we will review any areas that need attention, discuss the standard training paths for typical roles and your team’s individual locations along those paths, recommend specific classes or iMIS Coaching opportunities, determine the best method of training, and review pricing options that fit your needs.
  • We will provide a written ASI Training Education Plan of the options discussed in the Skills Assessment session.

Request an iMIS Skills Education Plan now:

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Program Pricing:

An IMIS Skills Education plan costs 2 training vouchers.

For more information, feel free to email us at [email protected]